Reviews: The Misfiled Diaries Book 1


Formally Titled: Report on the Recent Unfortunate Deaths Formats A4 PDF, A5 PDF, US Letter PDF, ePub Location:

I think the distinction is simple. pr0n is boring. In this respect, I was VERY impressed with Brenda's recently renamed "Scratches." I found the intimate scenes HIGHLY erotically charged, and being unnecessarily explicit would have ruined them.

This is Art. Brenda trusts her audience to fill in the blanks, and knows full well their imagination is the most powerful erotic element he can engage.

The original, shorter, story was called "Report on Recent Unfortunate Deaths." I posted a "review" on his site, and Napalm Luck, and said,of the chapter "The New Girl"-

"Partially I was afraid it was veering too far away from the main story line. More I felt it was building to a very literal Climax that I expected would be jarring, and not at all satisfying. I'm delighted to report my fears were unfounded!"

[Forgive me, the pun was, initially, unintended, but it is entirely appropriate.] You have a "slow hand, and an easy touch."

Ash and Emily's discovery of each other is handled, almost entirely from their perspective. You see it awaken through their eyes, and the people immediately around them.

It's all entirely tucked neatly behind the 4th wall, and you don't feel like some creepy "guardian" angel yourself. Your not, at any time, an intruder.

You tell the story as much by what you leave to our imaginations, and the images you invoke are more vivid for it.

Thank you! What you have here is engrossing, satisfying, and genuinely erotic [a rare gem, in this jaded age.]