Reviews: The Angel and the Slayer

hnd03's Review

Despite this troper being a strict Valeshipper, this fic is extremely well-written and makes the relationship reasonable and feasible.

Caellach Tiger Eye's Review

Seconded - and finally someone took the initiative to add this (would've got off my own backside earlier if I was less lazy ...) This story is really quite lovely and well-written, possessing a strong voice and deep descriptive narrative. The characters are really wonderful - while the game did make their personalities evident, this story is commendable for developing a true Nakama among Isaac, Mia, Garet and Ivan. The focus is on interpersonal relationships, but the author still devotes some precious time to parallel the events with the main storyline and battles. In addition, the drama is produced in a manner which develops the characters without making anything feel forced - even the romance is written in a way that's sweet, while not forcing its viewpoint down one's throat. It's not surprising that this story is a reputable gem among the Golden Sun fandom. If one is a Mudshipper - or has an open mind about shipping - then it's definitely worth your time reading.

Wild Knight 's Review

Obviously, if you're not a Mudshipper, this may not appeal to you as much, but even so, give this a chance; the conversations between the characters are incredibly realistic and extremely well-written and compelling. The story is engaging throughout and TheOneAndOnlyT really takes the time to develop the characters so that they really have a natural voice, sometimes to the point of Better Than Canon, and the romance - the crux of the entire story, of course - is developed so naturally that that's why I feel confident recommending it to even non-Mudshippers. A superb piece of work all-around. It's long and wordy at 16 chapters of moderate-to-heavy-sized length, but it's definitely worth an afternoon.