Reviews: Team Tensai


That one word would be enough to define the story.

The fragility of the Human life, of innocence, of Family and bonds, of fear and what, for all their powers and training, Shinobis still are Humans.

Team Tensai tell the story of Team seven, who at the height of the power where nearly exterminated and are sent (or where sent, its not explained) to the past, in the bodies of their six year old counterpart.

While at the beginning it looks like a Super characterization, run of the mill Set Right What Once Went Wrong fic, is when Sasuke fake being violated (to explain his Magenkyo Sharingan, in a annexed fic and for this troper, the best of the three) and the consequences of such (fake) attack that the entire story finally got its legs and run. It shows the humanization of the Uchiha Clan, the guilt of Kakashi and the Sandaime, the undying love of Itachi for Sasuke, the force of will and iron soul of Naruto, the craftiness of Sakura and the factors that united and strengthened the bonds of the Team and the Darkest side of the Shinobi life.

Read it, it is worth a few hours of your time.