Reviews: Teach Your Children Well

So Good!

The fic has now been recently updated, so there's hope on that front. For everything else: It. Is. Epic.

Kakashi trying to help Naruto and Sakura, as well as get through to Sasuke, is really, really well done. I especially liked how Kakashi was somewhat horrified at how much he just wanted to kill Sasuke and be done with it, but in the end takes the high road and decides to give the boy a chance.

I also like how the team displays different strengths since Kakashi is putting more effort into his teaching: Sakura's becoming exceptional at taijutsu and is really starting to like it, Naruto has some ability to weakly sense chakra which Kakashi is surprised to find out and is trying to cultivate, and Sasuke...has gone into medicine due to having good chakra control (which he would have to—canonically at team-formation time he was the best at justsu, after all).

I especially loved Kakashi's rationale for that last one, he makes Sasuke somewhat-willing to learn medical ninjutsu by pointing out it's something Itachi doesn't know/use and therefore an advantage Sasuke could have. I'm surprised no one did anything similar in canon, really.

Other than affecting his team, the only serious change Kakashi has made thus far is removing Kabuto from the equation early (which also freed up a hospital trainee spot for Sasuke).

I think my favorite part is that the team getting different specialties happens because of stuff that was or could be already there (Naruto's potential for chakra-sensing came from something only slightly useful he thought was normal for everyone and therefore never mentioned in canon, along with Sakura's taijutsu potential and Sasuke having good chakra control). It feels plausible that this are genuine "paths not taken" for them instead of something they were forced into because the author says so.

Short, but good

Short (5 chapters/17k words), but entertaining.

Author does a good job showing how minor changes in Kakashi's actions can result in drastically different results. He actually teaches (while pretending not to), instead of just not teaching as in canon. His attitude towrad Sasuke is rather negative, but given his history, rather understandable.

Last updated in Feb 2011, so not yet a dead fic, but heading in that direction. Author has updated other of his works more recently, so hope for additional material still remains.