Reviews: Symphony Of The Sword

Comment by Looney Toons

A remarkably well-written journey through the lives of two extraordinary young women (and their friends and relatives) as they mature into heroes. Although Utena is a central character throughout the entire Symphony, readers coming to the story cold will probably find the most gratification in her initial story arc, which begins just after the end of the Utena anime and runs the full length of Symphonies 1 and 2. Be aware, though, that this is the central story cycle of the "Future Imperfect" era of the Mega Crossover series Undocumented Features — the incredibly dense fusion of so many sources into a single setting may be off-putting at first (especially as so little is explicitly explained, at least initially). However, most readers will discover they they adapt quickly and begin eagerly anticipating the next unexpected source. Highly recommended.