Reviews: Sweet Attack

Loved it.

Probably the best BL fanfic I've read. Intense, dark, and provides an excellent depth to the characters and their dynamics with each other, written in great details without diving to the Purple Prose territory.

Comment by Anonymous

The only way this would be canon is if Hiroe let his badass criminals use the "L-word." While unkeptsecret does a beautiful job of humanising everyone, from Chang to Sawyer (even Watsap), there's a fluff line that's almost dangerously skirted here. All the same, the author clearly has a grasp of Roanapur's innermost cogs, and the story is woven perfectly. Ignoring the title, this is one of the best stories in the fandom.

Comment by Anonymous

One of the best original flavor fanfics I have ever read. I could easily see this being done as the concluding season of Black Lagoon.

Comment by Anonymous

Firstly, this is beautifully written and I thoroughly recommend it. Second, there is something off about it. It has a definite Twilight of the Gods uber-serious atmosphere and misses out on the original flavor's humor. This isn't a major problem given the premise.

Comment by Arc Varanus

The best multi-chaptered Black Lagoon fic I've read. Brilliant stuff, I don't want to say much otherwise I'll spoil it. The romance side ties in firmly into the heart of the violence and politics of Roanapur's war, and the conflicting motivations each character has as the story goes on manages to stay well in character. Excellent work here.