Reviews: Super Robot Wars High

mandrke's Review

Super Robot Wars High is a fanfiction/Doujinshi by Rpgingmaster in which the total sum of all the characters of the Super Robot Wars series are placed in a Secondary School setting after some of the plot/backstory of the games.

As well as parodying the High School AU genre, it fixes some of the mistakes that Banpresto (and Winkysoft) make when attempting to combine stories from multiple series together, a perfect example of that is Chapter 46 "Tooth and Nail", the focus chapter on the Alpha 2 Male Real Robot Route characters Arado Balanga and Seolla Schweizer, in which Rpgingmaster shows how mentally unstable Arado and Seolla would be really due their childhood as shown in the Original Generation series.

The series is very dramatic and a bit funny, an example of that is Chapter 21 "Getter Awesome" in which Kei Saotome (Getter Robo Armageddon) kicks the arse of a pervert looking into the Female change rooms; Benkei Kurama(Getter Robo G) and Gai(Getter Robo Armageddon) kicks the collective arses of a school baseball riot that erupted due to xenophobia, and Ryouma Nagare(Getter Robo), Hayato Jin(Getter Robo), Mushashi Tomoe(Getter Robo), and Gou Saotome(Getter Robo Armageddon) totally destroys a Yakuza turf war by, you guessed it, kicking their arses to kingdom come!

Other chapters highly worth reading is 14 "Hot Springs Chaos", 29 "The Swords That Cleave Evil", 38 "The Sword And The Steed" and 43 "After A Time Of War".

In summary a very good read, this rates 4 and 3/4 stars.