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  • Comments: Written alternately from the viewpoints of Louise and her familiar, Summoning the Sun features such things as Irikukwu calling Amaterasu "Ammy" (because "Amaterasu" is too hard to pronounce) and the Shinto sun goddess raising the sun two hours early just to prove she can (plus she considers sending it back down again afterwards, just to mess with people, but decides that would be going too far). The one fight scene so far is also awesome, and I'm doing a really bad job of explaining why this fic is worth the rec so you should just read it already.
    • Kitsu: Seconding. It's refreshing to see Louise's dynamic with a familiar that she can't communicate with, and Ammy's nightly activities as a gardening and favor-granting vigilante is adorably in-character. And the writer handles their developing relationship quite well, with Ammy slowly letting Louise get know more about what she's capable of. The scene with the familiars was an especially nice touch. To add to that, it's well-written by someone who clearly has a handle on all of the characters involved. I look forward to seeing how this fic develops!
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