Reviews: Stormbenders

Archetypal, not extraordinary.

I'd say this is more the archetypal Zutara fic (only with better writing than most of the FF.N stuff) than the best of the best. I love this ship, but I couldn't really get into this one.

Sara Jaye's review

The author's negative portrayal of him and his feelings for Katara rubbed me the wrong way and so did her treatment of Hakoda as a stereotypical sitcom dad over Katara's waterbending clothes. (Hakoda is protective but I can't see him getting all up in arms about his daughter choosing to waterbend in a Sarashi bikini)

Jetfire's review

YMMV. I found this story to be a fairly typical Zutara story, wrapping a lot of fluff around a thin plot frame. Idiot Balls keep the plot propped up, and all the relationship building amounts to little more than homicidal belligerent sexual tension - Katara's murderous anger at Zuko was all because she couldn't admit that she was smitten with him. I have no problem with Zutara, and this is far from the worst example of it, but it isn't going to convince anyone who isn't already on board.

beeftony's review

The very greatest Zutara story you will ever read. The author actually had to come out and state, several times, that she has never written for the show, because a lot of people really couldn't tell the difference. It's also notable for completely averting the usual cheap plots people come up with to pair these two off quickly, allowing their relationship to develop naturally (although it does make mention of them, usually in the form of theories the other characters have as to why they got together). Worth checking out.