Reviews: Stargate Equestria Connection

A surprising read

Well, I read Stargate: Equestria Connection (all of the first story, and all that has been updated of the second one (four chapters, as of October 15, 2011)), and I gotta say, I'm surprised.

Compared to a lot of science fiction of the last half-century, Stargate has proven to be heavily on the cynical side of the Sliding Scale Of Idealism Vs Cynicism. Equestria... well, it's My Little Pony. Do I really need to spell out which side of the scale it rests on?

So to hear that these two universes had been crossed over, my first thought is "This is gonna suck." Either the ponies would prove morally superior, or SG-1 would screw this up somehow, or something, and I would feel that something vital had been taken out of two of my favorite fandoms. But that didn't happen. Yes, there was Lampshade Hanging on quite a few of the tropes in the story, but the author managed to make all the characters seem like themselves while also having them have good interactions with one another. The story is plausible (as a story about ancient wormhole generators and magical ponies can get) and none of the interactions feel forced or rushed.

It's as good as the source materials, and could conceivably be used as an episode or arc for either series. Plus, it occupies that "Sweet Spot," of Stargate SG-1: Where they had the original cast, had most of the kinks worked out of their relationship with their teammates, but before they started to get their hands on Asgard weapons and ascended beings came into view. It's just Teal'c, Jack, Sam, Daniel, the Mane Six, and Celestia.

Overall, I'd say the strongest part are the characters. If it had a weak part, it's that it may feel a tiny little bit formulaic (which is lampshaded in chapter one by Jack himself), but overall it's a good read.

Not only does this need a TV Tropes page, but it also needs a comic or live reading of it as well.

Awesomeness for both

Well, I could say I'm impressed. Two different story lines. Both of which don't even sound like they'll go together. Yet, this author proved that they can and be perfect.

I heard of the fic beforehand and heard it was Better Than It Sounds.

The sequel is great too, and applies Deconstruction elements when SG-1 gives the ponies help.

I'm looking forward to any updates it has and would like to see how it turns out. If there are anymore sequels, maybe the author will involve the Ori.

Definitely needs a Tropes Page.