Reviews: Spying No Jutsu

Very funny

Naruto masquerades as a girl, and goes on a mission. Hilarity ensues. It's just played for laughs - it doesn't crack open gender identity issues or sexual kinks. Also contains some pretty sweet ninja tricks. For a fic of that length, very highly recommended. Humor was fun and I didn't find it immature or trite.

from comments

  • Comments: Totally hilarious. Naruto has no idea how cute a girl he makes, Sakura is jealous, Sasuke is smitten, Tsunade encourages him for a few laughs, Akatsuki fight over who gets Itachi as a partner (he's the least vocal in his obsessions). Also one of the very few fics with good use of genjitsu.
    • Also try Accounting no Jutsu a oneshot by the same author.
    • nolrai: This is a great comedy that also stays sort of true to canon. Very light hearted, and has good action scenes too. lots of Les Yay, but not more than that.
      • Its finally got a sequel underway, taking place after the timeskip.
      • Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Is funny, is inteligent, it has some of the best OCC and while it never takes itself too seriously, its still come as one of the best portrayals of Empowered Naruto and the Secret Village Politics you will ever read. Double recommended.
      • shurasan: Read. Now. You'll never know what hit you.

Very Entertaining

Well worth reading. Naruto's interactions with the various people are amusing. He may be somewhat Marty Stuish, but it's not offensive.