Reviews: Sound of Pulling Heaven Down

Zelenal's review

This is, by far, one of the greatest fanfics that I've read (and I read a lot of them). The characters and situations are believable. As is the character development. The romance is done very well and nothing feels forced. Chapter 11 Part 3 turns Boota into The Woobie for the chapter and made me want to give him a hug. As it is in the main series, Spiral Knight!Boota is still my favorite character.

OP's review

Simon's character is taken in a very interesting direction in this fic, best summed up with this line from the latest chapter: "I don't dig holes anymore." Anyone who's seen the show will know that this basically means he has metaphorically lost his soul.

Some Poor Sod's review

Really love it. The premise is interesting, the writing's good, and there are some just brilliant moments that you really can see Captain GARlock pulling. Simon is a very angry, and perhaps even callous man here. Do remember, as Kgkemo said, that this is not Original Flavor - it extrapolates from the existing TTGL universe, but adds a more cynical, perhaps even EVA-esque edge to it. Dark Fic, but still very good Dark Fic.

Kgkemo's review

Well, what if they didn't meet? It's a good enough prospect, and the writing is done well enough. It's quite angsty, but there's plenty of Simon/Nia WAFF. It's still incomplete, with updates coming every month or two. I highly recommend it.