Reviews: Something To Hold Onto

J Blaze's review

I actually logged in to rec this, and lo and behold, someone already did! There's nothing I like more than Ba Sing Se AUs, FoeYay, and seeing a beloved Tragic Hero/Redeemed Bad Boy get his day in the spotlight after being Killed Off For Real. Ali's real strength doesn't lie in shipping (although the romance is fantastic), it's in her ability for World Building and setting a very convincing atmosphere. Her OCs are awesome, as is the use of minor characters, such as the series' many beloved Bad Ass Grandpas and Bad Ass Normals. Her characterization is also extremely poignant and heartbreaking, and this trouper ached and angsted and hoped right alongside the characters. She's great at pacing too: the emotional bits are just long and touching enough, while the fights come off as chaotic and intense without sacrificing clarity. Sadly, she seems to be on hiatus, and ended the most recent chapter on a brutal Cliff Hanger. Still, highly highly recommended. This is the Slash Fic I point to when anyone tells me that Avatar slash doesn't work!

lettergirl's review

This is possibly one of the best A Us in which Jet lives that I have ever read. The storytelling is breathtaking, and the characterization is phenomenal. Jet and Zuko are amazing as main characters, and you can understand exactly what each of them is feeling throughout the story. All of the secondary characters are handled spectacularly as well, particularly Longshot, Smellerbee, and Jin. Even the OCs are well-developed and interesting, especially Ping, an ex Dai Li agent who has joined the Freedom Fighters. Overall, itís a great story that just has to be read!