Reviews: Sold To The Highest Bidder

Comment by Zefire

Seconded. This story is one of the highest-quality fics on the meme, and it manages to blend engaging and distinct characterisation with an absorbing, fast-paced plot. It felt like I knew every character almost as soon as they were introduced. Plus, the author has a great turn of phrase. Definitely worth reading.

Comment by DontQuestionIt

This story is truly amazing and creates a believable whole other world with politics and everything. A relatively long work in progress, this story is an amazing read and definitely worth it; even if there's a pairing you don't like in there. It revolves around the darker aspects of these planets, slavery and the people involved. The characterizations are amazing and the plot is extremely well thought out. The author adds in as much details as possible, from the mechanics of the steampunk machinery to the fantastical biology of some of the people in the world. It's an AU that can be read completely on it's own, even if you don't like hetalia or never heard of it. It is definitely worth reading.