Reviews: So

Caellach Tigr Eye's review

I felt I need to warn people that YMMV. While I did enjoy the characterisation, and the two leads play off each other really well, but the stye of romance involved - that is, starting off with sex without love, and very early on to boot - didn't appeal to me, and I couldn't really read beyond chapter 6. Well-written nonetheless, but I couldn't bring myself to enjoy it without lying about my personal taste. Maybe it's just that Soifon and Grimmjow's base, realistic personalities and the way they express their feelings don't click with me - maybe they do so for other people, but I have to give this one a personal miss. It's ... not pleasing to come into a story with an intriguing premise, with a deep sense of anticipation, and then feeling like a major aspect let you down ... but like I said, I have no right to force my own opinion on other people.

Belisaurius' review

What we have here is a crack pairing that is both believable and compelling. And yes, I know how absurd that sounds but their is a lot of heat between those two.