Reviews: Skin of Ice

The best Toshiro Hitsugaya origin story by far

Skin of Ice is another story by hersheyman on, and it is the best origin story out there for one of the most popular characters in Bleach, Toshiro Hitsugaya. It covers the period from when Hitsugaya's childhood friend Hinamori left him to become a soul reaper until his ascention to the position of squad ten captain. In between are his status as an outcast in his hometown, his time at the soul reaper academy, and his time as a full fledged soul reaper under a certain captain I will not name for spoiler's sake.

There are two things that stand out about Skin of Ice. One is hersheyman's trademark pitch perfect characterization. From the main character, to the various captains of the soul reapers, each character feels authentic to the way they are portrayed in Bleach. The other is that it provides very good answers to many questions unadressed satisfactorily in the anime, manga, or other origin stories: for instance, the cause of the twin Hyorinmarus in the movie Diamond Dust Rebellion is revealed and is completely believable. As is the reason Hitsugaya always scoffed at the idea of becoming a soul reaper in flashbacks in the manga and anime. These explanations have huge ramifications for his relationship with Hyorinmaru, which is truly fascinating.

The action scenes are well thought out, and the writing is top notch. It is truly incredible that it was written in less than a month. In fact, for over a week it was updated daily.

There are a few issues which crop up. There are points where the story breaks slightly from the canon, though for me that is not a problem at all. At times it can also seem like Murphy's Law is in effect, though again, that is only a problem for certain people. The biggest problem is what is usual for hersheyman, the occasional typos. This is where the speed of the updates was not such a good thing. Still, as is usual they are not that bad and almost never truly distract from the greatness of what was written.

If you are a fan of Toshiro Hitsugaya or Bleach, check out Skin of Ice at You won't be disapointed.