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Comment by Anonymous
Absolutely seconded. This story is spectacular, keeping the action//fantasy from chapter one.
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Comment by GintaxAlvissforever
Words cannot describe how amazingly this story was written. The author has done a lot of research in terms of magic (based on character's personalities or they already had it in the actual series. Example is America has Super Strength like he does in the series. The Italy brothers have extremely power energy magic passed down to them by Grampa Rome, etc.) The characters in the story are all well written. As suspected that Russia is the villain of this story. However, he falls into the Anti Villain category with his goals of a world of his vision and while he is describe liked a Complete Monster to the main characters (and some things he done like to the Italy brothers and Liechtenstein generally falls under the Moral Event Horizon), he really isn't and takes the Psychopathic Manchild trope up to what it's worth with heavy empathizes on the manchild apart as Russia clearly does not see the damage he is doing to the majority of the cast. Another thing that's well written is America and England's relationship. Its heavy on the Belligerent Sexual Tension part and just when they finally get together, things fall back right into it. The author seems to try and deconstruct this trope saying in her own words that the reason they hooked up fast (YMMV on that though) because everything happening around them is so fast and compared it to war time couples. As a result, it's very entertaining to see them interact and love each other one moment and then fighting the next. All in all a wonderful read that this troper thought was reading a strict from an adventure role playing game (but not written in that format mind you.)
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