Reviews: Shattered And Erosion

GM_Ace's review

Anko's a fantastic character that doesn't steal the show from the canon cast, which is always a pleasure. Shattered is a good exploration of Zuko's character, while Erosion does a great job with the War is Hell style as it explores the conflict, expands on Anko's character while also delving into Iroh's, and depicts the famed 600-day siege of Ba Sing Se. Some details are a little different/alternate (Aang gets captured by Zhao again, and the details of Ba Sing Se's construction are a little off due to the time of writing, for instance), but I don't think they're big enough to really qualify as alternate universe. Fans of Character Development should love both. Zuko and Gaang lovers will prefer Shattered, while Iroh fans, earthbending junkies, and those curious about the war will prefer Erosion.