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Unsigned review
It's good at making readers howl with laughter one chapter, then want to hold the weeping victims five minutes later. Or cackle maniacally at the torture they endure. Without Mood Whiplash. Some OOCness can be found, though, especially with Isane, Ukitake, and possibly Aizen. The ability of the author to keep so many plots going simultaneously, intwine them, and keep most of the characters loyal to canon makes up for it, though. Same for Nemu's Character Development. Yes, Kurotsuchi Nemu.
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Kari's review
This fic managed to keep my attention and amusement for fourty-plus chapters, despite having such puzzling features as Shapeshifting Yachiru, Zaraki/Soi Fon, and Ukitaki/Nemu. On the other hand, it also has a plausible Gin/Ran redemption subplot, and an... interesting perspective on Byakuya. It's no masterpiece, but it's not half bad, either.
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