Reviews: Session Transcripts

Not Sure What They Were Going For

I really have no idea what anyone was going for in this story. Everyone comes off as very OOC and pretty bland. I thought Hermes might be cool but really they're kinda just your average Slytherin prat and misses out on all the traits that made Hermione endearing. For the most part it's the average Slytherin Harry story; Slytherins are God-Kings whose bigotry is really just a big misunderstanding; Gryfindors are all bullies and the real racist; Lily Potter and James Potter are bad people; ectectect. Wouldn't recommend it unless you're already into that sort of thing.

Excellent story

I just made an account to say that this story is amazing. From the description I didn't think I'd read it, but I decided to have a look and I am very glad that I did. Well written with awesome and adorable characters. Very much worth a read.