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Semper Victoria

HOLY SH*T! This is probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read! It is well designed, fantastic, and excellent. OK, I am done with my fanboy rant.

When I first watched Avatar, I rooted, like most people, for the Na'Vi. The Humans are greedy Corrupt Corporate Executives and we should be glad they are ousted from Pandora. Hooray the evil Sky People are gone! Recently, I have begun rooting for the Humans. I was very glad to find a story where the Humans are portrayed as the good guys. The background for this story gives me more ammunition against the Na'vi. OK, yes the Humans were wrong in trying to blow everything up and mow down all the trees. But, we forget at the end of the movie Jake Sully says "the aliens went back to their dying world." Timeout. So, you basically just sent them to a shallow grave. Thus, I like the idea that humanity needs unobtanium to prevent its extinction. And I believe this is a realistic scenario. Humanity isn't just going to give up and say "Well, let's just accept extinction." We're gonna keep fighting. (Another reason I like this story is for its small, yet healthy dose of HFY). I also like the addition of actual military forces, not just hired mercenaries. These and other features give humanity redeeming qualities that make for a much better story than just "Humans are evil imperialists who don't care about the environment at all." I also like the redemption specific to Parker Selfridge who goes from a straight up Corrupt Corporate Executive to a relatable and likable guy. Four stars and two thumbs up!

James Cameron, please take notes.

Not only is this fic a realistic portrayal of what would happen after the events of the movie, it also manages to successfully evade the standard "humans come in, Nuke site from Orbit, end of story" route one is often compelled to make, making for a long, satisfying plot that build up and culminates in the Battle For Tartarus. There, to use crude language, the human soldiers run out of fucks to give and, even though they are tired, wounded, and facing an enemy that comes in endless hordes, they keep on fighting with a conviction that terrifies the Na'vi into retreating.

But, even after all that bloodshed, we reluctantly send medical aid to our enemies to give a delicious white-gloved blow to them.

This story made me proud to be human. And for once, it was for the right reasons.

op's review

Comments: I believe it's a realistic depiction of what would happen after the movie. In short, Unobtainium is a key resource for energy production and a key to avoid WWIV (WWIII is the reason why Earth is in such a sorry state), so there's a new expedition under the UN to Mine Unobtainium, the problem is that both Eywa and the Na'vi are still very pissed off against the humans. Also deals with the fate of the scientists left behind.

Very well-written. Watching the movie, I was moved to near-indescribable loathing for the Na'vi and Sully, but this fic actually managed to make them seem sympathetic without Character Derailment, and actually gives us a great deal of Character Development on Selfridge.