Reviews: Second Chances

Second Chances

This is one of those fics that has an interesting Myth Arc made up of lots of shorter Story Arcs that still manages to be, through and through, a character piece. The author is brilliant at characterization, though Matsuda is a bit Flanderized in the first few chapters. My favorite part of this is watching all the characters develop complex relationships with one another. My second-favorite is watching the author build and reveal the world L and his companions live (or don't live) in and the mythology that governs it. The romantic relationships are background at best. With the exception of the couples who were together before the story starts, all romantic relationships are very slow-building— like, continental drift slow. This could be either a good or a bad thing, depending on your optimal gen-to-shipping ratio. There's very little fluff to be found here: be prepared for everyone to suffer. This is that rare story that's good enough and with few enough mistakes that I can overcome my Grammar Nazi tendencies, especially since the language is so powerful.