Reviews: Sakuratsukikage

Cherry Blossoms Falling

I read three of hers: "Shall We Dance," "Come as You Are," and "Where the Shadows Are." The dialogue is a little jejune, but the characterization felt realistic, and the half-awkward, half-tender relationship between America and England was both adorable and completely serious.

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A very good example of such magnificent blending is showcased here: Blue Birds Over

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She is one of the best writers for America/England, especially when it comes to characterization. She's able to balance the darker tones of real history and Hetalia canon, building and expanding the characters without sacrificing their personalities in the process, avoiding the clichés of Darker And Edgier. I can't recommend her stories enough.

Comment by dr_schreaber

Per Amore really is the best Germany/Italy fic out there.