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Rogue 7

Is this quite possibly the single greatest piece of fanfiction ever written? This is brilliant. If you have ever picked up a Harry Potter book, read this. Now. Be warned The ending is at a level that I would describe as Kill Em All, and it's all pretty damn graphic. A real Tear Jerker, because you will get attached to these kids. —- Time and certain revelations have caused me to take another look at this fanfic. Not enough to remove my recommendation, but certainly enough to qualify it. The story, especially the further on you go, deviates too far from the original novels' tone and so wraps itself up in being "mature and edgy" that it swings right around to Darker And Edgier, almost to the point of parody. Many of the abuses and tribulations the charactes suffer are extremely gratuitous and unnecessary. It's bloody and violent and dark, and that goes so far against the grain of Harry Potter.

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