Reviews: Rise Of Naruto: Shinigami\\\'s Touch

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  • Comments: Sasori's personality is played well - he's a manipulative puppeteering bastard. He does shape Naruto's psyche into something a little different from canon, but it's a realistic development based on different experiences, rather than the all-too-common two-paragraphs-and-a-wardrobe-change. One of the few AU fics I've read that isn't afraid to diverge easily - Naruto doesn't end up somehow learning the shadow clone technique, for instance.
    • Unusual compared to most Akatsuki trained Naruto fics in that Naruto is still in and loyal to the village, with Sasori operating incognito. Also, the divergence results in things hilariously spiraling out of control, starting with Akatsuki showing up in the Wave Arc.
    • An excellently written fic that addresses some of This Troper's issues with the Canon, such as Kakashi not teaching his students much worth noting. The explanation given is such pure Fridge Brilliance that I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read the fic. Sasori, Kabuto, and Naruto all read the way I'd imagine they'd be in the situations described. Since it's still unfinished, it may be too early to call it a Must read, but I'm sorely tempted to.
    • Subverts a lot of irritating fanfic cliches. For example, in the latest chapter, Kakashi hands Sakura his old training chakra blade. While normally this would be the cue for a Super!Weapon, it's actually a realistic training device - it just siphons away the user's chakra at an alarming rate, and doesn't have any special abilities.
    • And... we've just entered Wham Episode territory. Hinata is the first to go down. Cue Victory Gundam theme here. Whether this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen, depending on the next chapter.
    • Unclouded TJ: Very well written, although there are a few typos, the plot more than makes up for it. It frequently takes the challenges Naruto faces to Beyond The Impossible levels where it's somewhat unbelievable that the author claims that the story will be finished in under 20 total chapters. Also with so many high level enemies entering the fray early I never suspected the above spoilered death to occur from that opponent, which makes it all that more shocking when it actually occurs.
    • Officially abandoned.'s+Touch