Reviews: React, Watch, Believe, Yikes


Why is this in the RWBY fanfic rec section?

None of the characters are in-character, their background is heavily AU at best, and the author has seen fit to make it so that MULTIPLE characters have Split Personality disorder, so 1 character is in fact 2 or 3 or more.

And, he's even added in his own unique power-up for what I can only describe as unnecessary drama.

You know Ruby's speed Semblance, and the roses she leaves behind. Well, here, all those roses are covered in Ruby's blood, and her clothes spontaneously dye themselves white, just to be dyed red by Ruby's blood.

It\'s bad.

It's filled to the brim with random Retcons and the characters are constantly out of character. Also, the only original character in the story is annoying. And that's her only purpose. Apparently she's relevant to the plot, in some way, which hasn't been revealed in the last three years. Remember when I said all the characters were out of character? Well, they're all assholes. The only difference between them is that they randomly revert back to their original personality for a few seconds. And the Retcon is the random memory lapses the characters suffer, in a failed attempt to make the story relevant to the latest episodes of RWBY. Honestly, it could just be an AU where Yang is adopted, but NOPE. They all had brain-farts apparently.

Unpleasant experience. Do not recommend.

Edit: Also, why is this on the Fanfic Recs for RWBY Crossovers? This isn't a crossover, they're just watching Red vs. Blue. That doesn't count as a crossover. If it's something to do with the JNPR chapters, then why are the JNPR chapters a thing? They have literally no point other than fan service.

React, Watch, Believe, Yikes

This was started back in 2013, so be careful if the characters having different backgrounds and personalities is something that will bother you. For example, in this fic, Yang is an orphan that was adopted by Ruby's family. I know that it bothered me, so I felt that it deserved a warning.

React, Watch, Believe, Hilarity

Ha ha ha ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA! Ha ha, oh, right the review started. Sorry about that. Was just reading the latest chapter and... just read it for yourself. Seriously, this series somehow manages to take the hilarity of the original Red vs Blue seasons and multiples it by 11 with the simple addition of team RWBY's reactions. Or at least it starts out that way. Within just a few chapters another story begins to develop within RWBY itself, a mix of standard crack fic madness and taking all the fan conventions to the absolute edge and beyond. Blake goes from having just one awkward moment with a romance novel to being a secretly perverted Yaoi (possibly Yuri) fan, Weiss's bitchiness begins to turn her into Church, Yang literally falls in love with the vehicles in the canyon, and Ruby... Well, remember how much sugar Ruby ingests on a daily basis in show? Just imagine how she would act after eating Beacon's entire stock of sugar puff cereal. Trust me, it's FAR worse than you think. Underneath all this wanton insanity and fun there is the hinting of something far more serious as RWBY begin to recognize the voices of people they know in show, but it never attempts to usurp the fic's inherent comedy. Overall, a must read for any dedicated fan of RWBY, if only so that you can keep abreast of common fandom characterizations and such. Oh and if Mr. Uknown hero happens to be reading this, (as he is now aware of his recommendation on TV Tropes) thank you for the awesome story and hope to hear more. Cheers!,%20Watch,%20Believe,%20Yikes