Reviews: Poison Pen

Not for everyone, but a good read nonetheless

As far as fic go, Harry using the Press to his advantage is not original and there were several done before this. What makes this fic an interesting gem, however, is how he uses it, by writing what is essentially an opinion column under the particularly ironic alias of Oliver Twist. Over the course of the series, we're treated to a vicious deconstruction of the Harry Potter universe.

Still, it is not for everyone, as it does not hold back any punches on many of the characters. Much of the Flanderization comes from that, but it should also be kept in mind that many of the characters are that two dimensional in canon for much of the series. Considering that the fic takes place in Harry's fifth year, where we see many of the characters at their most unsympathetic portrayals (Molly's Flanderization in fanfiction is largely based off of her character's portrayal in Order of the Phoenix), this should be kept in mind.

Not to harsh on but...

Harry tries to fight off the rampant Strawman News Media by basically Current Events Blogging in the Voice Of The Resistance.


Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend it highly. Harry is a Fixer God Mod Sue, possibly possession sue as well. Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron, the rest of Weasleys are all Flanderized beyond recognition... Hermione alone making an almost comeback to being someone who might be decent some of the time.

But if you like stories about the power and redemption of the press, it can be quite enjoyable.