Reviews: Place in the World

A fantastically well-written post-canon Fan Fic

Whilst I'm not usually a fan of the idea that Korra and Asami going to the spirit world wasn't a coded date, I adore this fic.The fic builds upon Korra being traumatised and drained by trying to help the Earth Kingdom after Kuvira, and travels to the Southern Water Tribe to reflect upon herself, discovering corruption within the White Lotus and her relationship with Asami, whilst Asami works on her business and reflects on her feelings for Korra. Currently at over 280,000 words and not finished currently, but regularly updated.

Although the relationship with Korra and Asami is a main focus, the story covers many themes and ideas, such as homesickness, politics, philosophy, sexuality, improving one's self, giving others a chance and in general finding their 'Place in the World' that the fic cannot be called a shipping fic. Everyone feels remarkably complex and well-rounded, and characters disagree with eachother and even dislike other people whilst still remaining likable themselves and often well-reasoned, and plot points aren't resolved easily and spend chapters developing and being examined. If someone wants to read a well-written, lengthy fic with complicated characters and complicated ideas introduced, I highly recommend this fic, and flabbergasted it wasn't recced here before.