Reviews: Orange And Orange Doesnt Mean Love

Unsigned review

It's.... pretty bad. Like My Immortal kind of bad, just with fewer grammatical errors. Characters are way off the mark, especially Orihime, the oblique time period references and cultural implications are indicative of a Western high school setting, and the overall plot is just petty and unimaginative. If you're in the mood to laugh at a failed fic, this would be the one for you. Otherwise, steer clear for fear of losing precious brain cells in the process of reading this travesty.

Unsigned review

Read with caution

Random Passer By's review

Apart from ALOT of Orihime bashing at the start of the story which basically portrays her as a whore, the story is excellent and shows the feelings of the two main characters alot so that you can what they're thinking rather than getting straight down to the sex.