Reviews: Only Miles Apart

Recommended for All PJ Fans

The story is very well-written, and the author really understands all of the characters, especially PJ, who is kept in character more consistently in this story than in canon. Characters ranging all the way to Bobby and Tank have their moments where you might just forget you're reading a fanfiction.

Itís full of both humor and pathos, just like the series itís based on. It has numerous Continuity Nods and Call Backs, not only to the second movie, but to the first and to the show. It almost reads like the novelization of a canonical third movie.

Although it is a romance story, there are numerous subplots and jokes that aren't or are only tangentially related to the romance.

The only problem with this story is that the author occasionally mixes up words, but that happens infrequently enough that it doesnít really impede the enjoyment at all.

This is definitely recommended for all PJ fans and Beret Girl/PJ shippers, though Bobby fans can probably have fun with his comic relief bits, and people can enjoy the return of Tank, Sylvia, Goofy and Max on the sidelines, and for a brief period of time, Bradley. Miles is a fairly decent Romantic False Lead, and his status as The Ace does not make him a Marty Stu, because of the PJ-sympathetic third-person-limited narrator.