Reviews: On The Way To Greatness

OOC is a serious business indeed

This is one of my favorite piece of fanfiction, despite not usually liking Harry Potter fanfics with Slytherin!Harry premise. Very well written, if one could ignore the too-frequent cussing and violence, and gives very good (if not speculative) explanations about various rules of magic the series did not touch upon. The story is still very largely based on the Canon, but did a very good job on implicating how having Harry in Slytherin greatly affects the turn of events.

OOC is quite a serious business for me, and what I like about this fanfic is how, while the main characters' darker sides are exploited and exaggerated, they ultimately remained true to Canon. Most Slytherin!Harry fanfic don't seem to reflect any changes in Harry's personality at being sorted in a different house than Gryffindor (although it should be, considering the difference in social circle); most writers are also too eager to put the Slytherins in a positive light, and depicting them as the most misunderstood, sympathetic, softies the world had ever seen while derailing pretty much everyone else, mostly Gryffindors, into pompous, glory-seeking jerk jocks who treats the Slytherins unfairly simply because of their houses. This sort of Fan Dumb is what gives me a bad impression of Slytherin!Harry premises in the first place.


Copypasta from my comment: Really amazed that this hasn't been put up here before, seeing as to how it's been around since the end of 08. A unique look at "Slytherin" Harry, where he isn't best friends with Snape or Draco. The characterizations are very good, and the plot really moves into its own. There are thirteen chapters to go as of the recent update. The story moves at a fast pace considering that each book is given a number of chapters equal to the book number. I can honestly say that this story is my current favorite piece of fanfiction including all of jbern's, nonjon's and others' works. A bit gory at parts, and has frequent cussing if that bothers anyone. Also just a note there are huge gaps in updates the current one is about 4 months as of Feb. 10, 2011. EDIT: Also for those too lazy and or somehow unable to look it up themselves Mira Mirth said this in his/her bio "Upd as of end of January (2011): A recent trend in comments has made me aware that I have not showed signs of activity for a while, so I should perhaps put up a general info notice that yes, I'm actually still around, and no, I haven't given up on OWG. It might seem that way, what with lack of word from me, but story is not abandoned until I say it is =) That's just how things are."

Slytherin Harry done in increasing chapter style

"It's definitely a different spin on the Slytherin!Harry setting. Harry continues down his depressed state from the Dursley's and is overall much more pessimistic than his canon counterpart. Overall though it does portray Slytherin very realistically and at the end of the fifth year it certainly leaves events wide open for the future with Harry making different allies and vastly different choices as the story progresses."

The twist in this story is it tries to make each book the number of chapters of Harry's year (1 for Harry's first, 2 for Harry's second, etc) which can lead to a bit worry that the first few chapters go too fast. It isn't the case and as the story continues it gets a lot more detail and character development. Well written.