Reviews: Oh God Not Again

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Anon: The story starts off as a satire with a tongue in cheek view of the story, but it quickly drops down to parody as Harry does increasingly... "awesome" things. This doesn't make it less funny, but you can tell that the author's putting less emphasis on storyline at this point. This might have more to do with Year Three's complete lack of plot and Harry bypassing every obstacle he faces with ease, but it's an interesting take.

Anon: A good break from the angsty, detestable super-Harry of most of these, instead introducing a hilarious, wholly ridiculous super-Harry that is much less punchable. The author is well-versed in Peggy Sue fics (she has a bunch of them) and avoids many of the pitfalls (especially those that make the protagonist annoying as hell).

Anon: You know you've done something right when Lockhart becomes a likable character.

Review for Oh God Not Again

It's a hilarious story, that's for certain. What makes it better at points is the fact that once in a while, particularly earlier on, it shows a few moments that, if taken seriously, can remind you that he was married…and happy…and has a family waiting for him in the future. In any other case however, it brings comedy and nonchalance to a new level.

"Oh God, Not Again" Review

I've read this story three times now and I'm about to start my fourth. After trudging through the deluge of 'serious' HP Peggy Sue fics, this story is as welcome as a breath of fresh air in a chutney factory. Funny, articulate and delightfully self-parodying, I can wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone (especially those looking for a break from Angry!Super!Amazingly Clever!Harry versus Evil!Stupid!Everyone Else).

A Parady Peggy Sue that doesn't take itself too seriously.

"Not your usual Time Travel Fic in that it's more of a parody of Peggy Sue Harry. Rather than willingly go back in time Harry was drawn back in time against his will. Deathly Hallows-compliant and takes place right before Harry has his first kid. After returning to the past it descends rapidly into Harry lampshading various confusing plot points, as well as messing with a majority of the Wizarding World. Great emphasis on humor and parodying events. With 174,000 words this work is now complete."

That was my original comment and I stick by it. I especially love Luna's characterization and the fun the author has with her. The second year is easily my favorite with Harry pretty much leading everyone on that, with his seer scar, he has everything under control.

Ultimately, I'm kinda disappointed it ended when it did is as I feel it had room for more development, but that's the author's decision. Definitely give it a try as it's an excellent read and a completed one at that.