Reviews: October Twenty Fourth

October Twenty Fourth

This is hands-down my favorite fic for this fandom. I'm a total sucker for sadfics and I've read a bunch, but this one really just takes the cake. The author has both Luddy and Gilbo's characters down pat and the story itself is really touching. I'm not actually sure how many times I've reread this story. Yeah, it's that good. I still can't really get through it without getting at least teary-eyed by the end. This is a fic that'll stick with you for a long time and is definitely worth a read.

Comment by PrussianEagle

Forgive me my bad synopsis. This is literally the saddest and most depressing fanfiction I've ever read. I had been quite depressed when I started reading it, and I actually had to stop after the [[The Yellow Wallpaper]] reference because I was crying too hard. When I finished it two days afterwards, I bawled like a little kid. But apart from being incredibly depressing, its writing is also great and all characters are IC. But yeah, be warned, this will make you cry. A lot.