Reviews: No Antidote

Not expected

When I read a Pokemon fan fiction, I expect a little silliness, like in the games, manga, show, etc. With this, we got a little of that, but if you were to take a world like Pokemon and attach the rules concerning life and death to it, you'd get this fic. The way that Marty's Pokemon reacted to there circumstances, his starter especially, was profound and better characterized them than many other fics do (whereas other Pokemon fics focus almost entirely, if not totally, on the trainer).

I was, however, unhappy with how bluntly it ended. I like a little mystery and a bit of guess work as to what happened over the course of the two and a half years or so that were skipped, but I would have liked a little more of that mystery written out. Regardless of my personal thoughts on the last chapter, the whole story was well written.

- Z S E D C 4