Reviews: New Beginnings And Old Tree Houses

A must-read

I'll admit, I did do a double take when I first read the pairing (especially since I was screening for Sirius/Remus) but this fic...actually made it seem viable. The plot is reasonable; I could see it happening (just about) and the cast of canonicals are (on the whole) more or less in character. The fic has a largely comedic feel (becoming lighter as it progresses) but there are some rather soulful, poignant moments written in too. And of course, the pairing itself is completely adorable; I could easily see myself shipping this.

Unfortunately, Ron and Arthur are noticeably OOC—in neither case do they become significantly so and the whole thing is still fairly realistic but alas I cannot give full marks and so 9/10 will have to suffice. That aside, I still strongly recommend you read this—you would be sorely missing out otherwise.

Go read this, right now.

Honestly, when I first came upon this story, I was apprehensive. "Ron and Remus?" I thought. "How could that ever work?" Everything changed the very moment I started reading this fic. The characterization is perfect. The pacing is wonderful. I loved the kids, and the romance was absolutely adorable. The story is equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming. The synopsis doesn't do it justice at all. My review is terribly inadequate. You absolutely must read this fic. Seriously.