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  • Kjjejones42: All the above and more. What I found especially notable is that the author appears to have taken the time to treat all the characters as characters, instead of walking plot devices. And the author seems to have planned out the course of this story in advance, so there are low odds of this petering away into a Dead Fic! Now my official favorite fanfic.
  • Catt: I avoided this story for quite some time, dismissing it as another OC horrorfest. I'm glad I finally decided to give it a go. This story is incredibly interesting, avoiding most of the over used cliché’s and hang-ups that plague Naruto fanfics. Most. Civilian's treat Naruto worse than Canon, though thankfully not to Mob levels, Naruto turns to Angst whenever the Kyuubi is mentioned and alot of Naruto's problems are due to the academy instructors sabotaging him. However, God Mode Naruto is majorly averted, Aiko is most definitely not a Mary Sue, there is an interesting take on Sasuke and Sakura's character, and an even more interesting portrayal of Naruto and Kyuubi. I was especially pleased with Kyuubi trying to turn on the charm in order to persuade Naruto, using the term Kit, considering that it was rather obviously a ploy. Though you should be warned, while still relatively Idealistic, it is further down on the Cynical side than Canon. This is not necessarily a bad thing.
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