Reviews: Never Mind Me

Hands Down The Best

Honesty? I was rendered speechless by this story! It's a rare thing to find a Cardcaptor Sakura fic that is GENUINELY in character; I don't know if anyone else has noticed but Syaoran did not act like he was going to become a slimy womanizer in his future. Anyway, this fic was so beautifully crafted; very, very emotional but with such simple sentences (that ultimately impact far more effectively than extravagant descriptions anyway) and I was, in fact, reduced to a blubbering mess by the last few chapters. This is very rare for me. Of course it's set up to be quite a tear-jerker from the beginning but don't despair. I hate to spoil it, so I'll just say that with excellent characterization, natural conversations and very naturally developing feelings (particularly given the limited time frame of the fic) this is hands down the best Cardcaptor Sakura fan fiction I have ever read. Zashiki-Warashi mentions that the end is a bit of a 'cop-out' which I admit is true to some extent; a little corny. But you know, by half-way through the fifth chapter I was praying it WOULD be a cop-out ending because I couldn't bear for it to end on too sad a note. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you read this fic! If romance isn't your thing, don't fuss; whilst there is a definite focus on Sakura and Syaoran's relationship, it is not the entire driving force of the plot - there's a lot more at work here! Some very poignant thoughts are expressed too. There's some Tomoyo/Eriol in there, but it's relatively subtle, so if you don't support it you can read it as a strong friendship... and finally if you don't support Sakura and Syaoran then you wouldn't have found the series that interesting so, what are you waiting for? Get on this! - Lexiconish

sammywhatammy's review

Can I say how sucked in I was by this fic? I'll be honest, I read fic VERY rarely. But once I started this one, it was very hard to stop. Though I inwardly winced that the author supports the Eriol/Tomoyo pairing, that's just my own personal gripe that doesn't reflect on the fic at all. I think it was very well thought out. The characters are well developed as well and the story goes at a good pace. And basically it made me want to reread the original canon because D'AAAAW SO CUTE. Definitely seconding this rec!

Zashiki-Warashi's review

I don't even like romance and this still brought me to tears. The story works as well as it does mainly because of it's strong characterization and the romance between the leads feels genuine. My only real complaint is the very end is a cop out, but it's not nearly enough to worry about.