Reviews: Nepetaquest 2011

A good concept, but still missing something.

I liked the concept behind Nepetaquest 2011 quite a lot, and there were some really interesting ideas thrown in. While I thought most of the fantrolls weren't particularly interesting, Scoria stood out as being a very solid character (quirk aside), so that's a plus.

That said, this fic did lack a lot, I felt. As I said before, most of the fantrolls were fairly dull, and the quirks (even—perhaps especially—Scoria's) were poorly thought-out. I also found the art to be mediocre most of the time. It had some definite funny bits and a great concept, but it was rough enough around the edges that I personally don't understand all the hype. That said, it's definitely a shame it's a Dead Fic...I was kind of curious as to what would happen next!