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  • Comments: Overall an engaging story so far. The real draw however is the interactions between Team 7. Even the CMoFs, CMoAs, and CMoHs all revolve around their relationships with each other. From Sakura "accidentally" paralyzing a substitute instructor sent to replace Kakashi while he's under review, to Kakashi terrifying Ino after Sakura's parents die, to all of them moving into Kakashi's home, everything they do is for each other. "For better or for worse, you're mine/ours. Forever."
    • This story also adds an AU backstory for Naruto: he grew up as a gutter rat in the Red Light District.
    • A couple minor caveats for those who have these pet peeves. First, the author uses a fair amount of random Japanese words. Second, Naruto is an extremely accomplished gutter rat, to the point of being a bit of a Marty Stu. However, to balance that, there have been hints that there is some reason we don't know about behind Naruto's skills and the writing is very good. As long as either of those two points aren't your personal berserk button, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this story.
    • Unclouded TJ: Has its emotional ups and downs but is certainly worth the ride.

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