Reviews: Muv Luv: One Last Time into the Loop

A good fic but loosing sight of itself

So we have the same idea as all other Post-alternative stories, Takeru returning to the past to save his loved ones all good, and follows canon quite well up until the Sadogashima campaign but has started to go down hill since. The relationships between the characters is good and gives each member some time in the lime light (not that lime), however many critical research failures abound considering Paul is very good at research, mixing cast members that shouldn't even be enlisted (Tatsunami is enlisted here but should only be about 12/13 just one example) and getting the dead people as LI grates (captain Isumis LI is alive in alt, but is dead here, yet Mitsuki's is still alive). Takeru however is now broken very much a Gary Stu but his brain has fallen out somewhere between worlds along with his balls. However if you want a good paced story with a dopy superman hero and tons of UST that will go nowhere based on current Takerus cluelessness and now he can regenerate limbs. for stars out of 10 first 50 chapters 9/10 since then 3/10 currently averaging 5/10.

Really worth to read

Let's see...It is the first Muv Luv Fanfic out there and probably the best. Maybe Takeru goes into Gary Stu territory, but it was justified since what happened to him while the world and BETA didn't make it easy to him either. And who doesn't love the comedy in the middle of crapsack world? Like the almost the whole Yokohama Base is the Shipper on the Deck for Takeru/Marimo after he rescued her during the XM 3 testing incident and the senior members of Valkyrie Squadron is all for Takeru/Michiru after he make the whole army wholeheartedly agreeing to support him to rescue Michiru who was ready to make a heroic sacrifice during the Sadogashima Campaign. And he did it by just making a speech to Yuuko on the open channel. Double as the Crowning Moment of Awesome for Takeru and the Valkyries. Slowly, Takeru builds his harem without noticing. So far that I can predicted as had been foreshadowed members of his harem are: Meiya, Yuuhi (quite blatant as Ikaruga found it the hard way), Michiru, Haruko, Marimo, Sumika, Chizuru, Kasumi, Mikoto, Miki, Mitsuki, Haruka, Akane, Munakata, Touko, Tsukuyomi (Hinted), and probably Yuuko too. The Author already foreshadowed that Takeru will end up Sumika, but we'll just have to wait for that. Like the title said, it is really worth a damn to read!

Wall of Text, ho.

Well, basically the plot is that Takeru asked Kasumi to 'lock' his memory so he'll remember them all come the next loop. Then, the things starts anew but now with Takeru armed to the teeth with all the information and skills he had accumulated from the previous 'replays'. Thankfully, while this does pull Takeru into Marty Stu territory, the world still conspires to make life no less easy for him. Great characterization and interplay. Worth the sitdown to read its nigh-600k word content.