Reviews: Motivation

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  • Comments: An amazingly well-characterized story. The author manages to keep each character, well, in character, while at the same time slowly making them into his own. It all starts off with a slight change in events from the beginning of Naruto — Iruka dies from the shuriken wound he got saving Naruto, and in revenge, Naruto successfully kills Mizuki. He is thus given genin rank based on merit promotion, rather than Iruka passing him. From there, things just start getting more interesting, such as the genin 9 being undecided, and grouping them as a whole instead of in teams for training. Just give it a read, you won't regret it. There is some Naruto/Hinata hints given so far, but Naruto's oblivious to it, so it's pretty much like the main series.
    • One of the best features of this fic is how it examines the basic academy techniques that every ninja should know (which include henge, bunshin, kawarimi (i.e the Ninja Log), and exploding tags) and shows that those techniques (when used intelligently) have the capacity to become overwhelmingly powerful. Also, Hinata is hilariously Yandere. And Kakashi (AKA "Bastard Sensei") is the master of Training From Hell.
    • Its a terrible fic. The problem is that all seems rushed, as if trying to cram to much information and actions by force and it all came tangled up. People speak as if they where in the middle of a class (bad, bad acting) instead of just talking, its swallow to many cliches and do them half-assed, his explanations are... lest not talk about that and Hinata is honestly incredible creepy, like a combination of Rena, Lucy and Yuno after playing Amnesia: DLC Justine. Seriously out of there.
    • The author has since left; the story is still up there, but new updates instead go here. Also highly recced.