Reviews: Morality Chain

Engaging read

Morality chains is rather good read, all considered. It largely follows Azulas and Zukos journey through life, with regular flashback to their childhood illuminating why either sibling behave they way they do in a rather pointed fashion. Interestingly, it nearly totally disregards the happenings and travails of the Gaang. It's not that they don't happen, they're just offscreen events. The focus is really on the siblings, their thoughts and reasonings, as well as their actions.

A slight minus, though: it is bit on the bad side of spelling, if you have an eye for that (mostly homonyms and typos forming otherwise correct words).

(most recent chapter: 24)

Lavanya Six's review

Azula's characterization is compelling by how it's just slightly alien to the human baseline. The author clearly conveys that Azula doesn't understand certain concepts or emotions beyond very fuzzy notions. While she does love Zuko, her empathy for him is amorphous. Basically, Azula is a budding psycho. This translates into a feeling of freshness in the fight scenes, because the reader rides on Azula's shoulder and knows full well that she's perfectly willing to kill the members of the Gaang — and so is the author, maybe.

Sal Fish Fin's review

As said on this very page, an AU is defined as a fic in which "one fundamental aspect" is changed. This is it in purest form. Only 2 chapters in, and you can tell that this story is going places. The story is told from Azula's point of view, and it's totally, entirely canon Azula that's there. Her cold, calculating nature, Her striving to be the best, down to her inability to understand that someone can care for her.