Reviews: Monsters Playground

Nano Moose's Review

YMMV. Later chapters introduce one or two Plot Holes (particularly anything to do with PARIAH) and some troubling Moral Dissonance (why does Cross never call Alex out for consuming innocent people, after both of them conclude that Alex has grown more 'human' and implicitly moral? Even public servants, like paramedics?), and the characterisation of Cross in particular seemed a little off, but it is undeniably well-written and enjoyable.

Redazrael's Review

An incredibly well-written fic that picks up right where the game left off, and does an excellent job of believably plotting out post-game events, the future of Blackwatch, explaining how Cross could have survived the Supreme Hunter, presenting a concept of PARIAH, along with some political machinations. It also extrapolates on a possible past for Cross, with some of the letters in Chapter 9 being tearjerkers.