Reviews: Mizukage

Decent Idea, bad Execution

The idea at it's base is fine, but ultimately "Mizukage" suffers from several Major Negatives that made it, for me, unreadable beyond a certain point(Chapter 6).

Firstly, The God-awful grasp on the English Language. I can put up with some Grammar and spelling mistakes on occasion, but "Mizukage" is in that unfortunate area where the spelling and grammar is just bad enough to be annoying, but not bad enough to make it funny. More than anything else this is a major Point for me.

Secondly, not new to Naruto Fanfic, but a pet peeve of mine anyway, People who hate Naruto do so Irrationally and the author tries to make it "Kick the Puppy" in a way. Anyone who Hates Naruto is wrong and either they are a bad guy or will be set on the right track after a good ass whupping. Everyone who likes Naruto is Automatically the good guy and hates anyone who doesn't like Naruto. People don't work like this, and it annoys me when writers do this.

As for the concept, It's neat. Nothing great, just sort of neat.

Overall if you can put up with The poor English and Black and White Characters it's not bad, but if you find yourself in agreement with me you may want to skip it.

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  • Comments: This fic takes a simple concept and uses it perfectly. One of the best fics this troper has ever read, with spot on characterisation and incredibly engaging writing. Definitely not to miss.