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Read it for the worldbuilding (and the shipping)
What really makes this fanfic is the worldbuilding. The details about the Cult of Mirthful Messiahs are delectable, and the characters populating the world feel very natural and don't steal the show. (For goodness sakes, they're having shipping wars about Troll Glee! What more could you want out of your fanfiction?)

The canon characters are also well-written and exciting to hear from. Gamzee's conflict here is heartwrenching and makes you feel bad for what he's going through. Terezi is a delightful dose of snark and fun, Karkat slings rage-filled metaphors around with vigor, and Equius finds all the wrong things to say while sweating profusely. And of course, there are some wonderful Gamzee<>Karkat pesterlogs that'll make you go d'aaaaaw.
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