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  • Comments: This story is hilarious, and it's complete too. The whole thing comes across as a parody of Harem fics. It even manages to have more than an Excuse Plot. Not an epic masterpiece, but it's tons of fun and you probably won't need to spend more than an hour reading it.
    • Many laughs to be had. While the plot focuses on Naruto, the real gold here is Jiraiya's selfish and jerk-tastic attempts to document and inflame the situation. Naruto's ultimatum - to either succeed in his mission of holding out or to succeed as a man provides a solid and very enjoyable read.
    • A good story, full of laughs. Only problem for me was not being smart enough to figure out who Naruto gets with in the ending. The author claims to have left clues in the preceding scenes but I didn't get it.
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