Reviews: Mann Swap

Not one to miss

Really fluid animation with many clever background gags and brick jokes. Just generally... good.

Props to the animators and voice actors.

Really, the effort they've put into averting Voices Are Mental is something to behold, given that they would need to mimic the other character's speech habits in the voice they're doing. The work on the other classes are also commendable, being sufficiently close to the originals.

The body language of the mercs also adds to the whole zaniness of the situation. About as manic as a Saturday morning cartoon.

Anoymous review from the comments section

Employs amateur but fairly decent voice actors to give the characters new lines and has some pretty amusing writing as well to its credit—keep an eye out for the Soldier to steal every scene he's in, including the quickest Driven to Suicide as Comedy ever. It also has plenty of funny sight gags as well.