Reviews: Malons Epic Cow Delivery

It's crack, oh yes...but it works.

Dear god, this fic. What looks to be a lighthearted episodic parody quickly spins into an epic and coherent story. Malon the cheery ranch girl is the single most overblown God Mode Sue I've ever seen, but it falls squarely under Rule Of Funny. Her relationship with the tsundere talking cow she's escorting grows into something meaningful, while she deals with assassins, space-time ruptures, thoughts of her Missing Mom, and trying to get to Kokiri Forest. There are two backstory chapters, one for Malon and one for Link, as well as multiple side trips, such as an interdimensional Baseball Episode, a bizarre stealth homage featuring Zant and Midna, and a detour to Termina. Together, the whole chaotic mess fills out to a 20-chapter story, and the chapters can get pretty long.

Additional notes: Link in his rare appearances fills out the "lovable moron" characterization typical of parodies, but the story of how he became that way is surprisingly tragic (and might make you like Navi for a moment). I imagine the read would be more fun if I were familiar with the various crossovers, but so far it's still very enjoyable even if Zelda is the only media you've ever known. So prepare to have all your notions of Crack Fic blown up in your face and go read it. Now.