Reviews: Maaf

Comment by NewSeniorGenius

It is a well-researched comic (although relying on wikipedia at parts). A Historical Doujin about the Colonisation of South-East Asia (Focus on the Spice Islands, Indonesia) and the India under the British Empire. It is pretty Dark at some point due to handling matters of historical significance (still stays within known Canon), but the Heartwarming moments and the funny in between are WORTH IT. Four Chapters and ongoing. Needs More Love.

Comment by aramisa

Thirded. Besides what's already said, I'd like to add that the canon characters in this are perfectly in character all the time, and the OCs are so well constructed that most of them don't feel OCs at all! And bonus points goes to his India, as the above comment said.

Comment by fiftysix

Seconded. The story-telling is superb; the funny moments are laugh-out-loud funny, and the heartwarming parts can truly bring tears to your eyes. Not to mention the story is well-research, not just relying on wiki but other historical books also. And the most perfect part is? Her INDIA IS THE SAME AS CANON!INDIA, personality and character design-wise, and this doujin was made BEFORE India was canon. Just try this doujin, I assure you it'd be worth the read.