Reviews: Local Man Finds His Arcade Turbotastic

Wow, this is a great AU!

The "people know" AU is a nice concept, and I (haven't looked through yet, but hope that people have) want to see more of it!

A Great Fanfic

I pretty much agree with everyone else when they say that this is the best Wreck-It Ralph fanfiction ever. It makes a perfect prequel to the film and seeing Litwak's perspective on things was great!

Redefining Fandom

I find it easiest to just nod my head and agree with all the above reviewers. This is a prime example of a fanfic that creates a head-canon that infects (Yes, much like a cybug) the rest of the fandom and becomes part of the collective fan consciousness. It's brilliant, and once read, cannot be forgotten or put out of mind. This makes Mr. Litwak and his reasons behind his arcade solid and utterly believable. This makes the cut as a fanfic that redefines how we, as the fans, see a portion of the fandom.